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English To Tamil Translator is a versatile application that allows users to easily translate between English and Tamil languages. With the option to input text or use audio recordings, this app provides a convenient and efficient way to communicate in both languages.To translate from English to Tamil, simply enter the desired text and select the word you wish to translate. The app also offers an audio input feature, allowing you to record yourself speaking or listen to others for translation purposes. This ensures accurate and reliable translations.Once you have entered the text or recorded the audio, choose the English option to view the corresponding translated word in Tamil. To save your translation, simply select the translate option, and it will be stored in the application's history.The translation history feature allows you to easily access and review your previous translations. This is particularly useful when you need to refer back to a specific translation or track your progress in learning the Tamil language.With its user-friendly interface and efficient translation capabilities, English To Tamil Translator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to communicate effectively in both English and Tamil. Download the app now and experience seamless translation between these two languages.

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